Colosoul Group

The Colosoul Group Inc is a NFP media and arts organisation that has an exciting team of 150 volunteers continuously involved throughout the year who are primarily based in Perth. Colosoul collaborates with others across Australia and internationally to produce a diverse range of publications, events, design and film projects which are created by and for young people.

The Colosoul Group Inc was founded by CEO Tricia Ray in 2005 as a response to what she saw as a growing need for hands on youth participation within the media and arts industry providing a vehicle to run a mentorship program. The mentorship called LICK is a valuable part of the organisation. Its purpose is to provide a service that allows young people from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to become connected and involved within the industry. Colosoul encourages team leadership and entrepreneurship. Colosoul is young, creative, fun and professional.

Social responsibility, cultural and community development are at the core of the Colosoul Group Inc’s values. Wherever possible, the Colosoul Group Inc seeks to collaborate and connect with like-minded organisations to build and generate more energy, awareness and resources towards improving our communities. We are a highly motivated organisation reaching out and speaking up for those who can’t themselves. You can check out the NFP’s we support under the Colosoul banner and maybe you might like to support them too!

As a NFP organisation The Colosoul Group Inc relies on community donations and support from corporates and local business’s. Your support towards our organisation helps us to continue to grow and provide a much needed mentorship program for young people within the media and arts sector.

We also have created a marketing and design agency which provides excellent service and support toward small business. Please view the business hub for more details. By participating in our business hub you will be giving our emerging designers, photographers, film makers, and marketing team an opportunity to improve their skills. You will also be dealing with a dedicated team who are at Colosoul because they want to be. They are intelligent, savvy and are looking to be challenged. When you think design – think Colosoul. Join our design and marketing agency now and see what fantastic benefits you’re entitled to.

Be a part of the Colosoul Group and help us to continue making a difference within the media and arts sector.